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Who we are

Frogswell offers a range of power solutions including GaN, PD, laptop, mobile, and industrial powers with over 12 years of expertise. Our International Sales office is based in Hong Kong, and our factories with over 1000 workers in Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Guangzhou, China comply with BSCI and Sedex standards. Our products are certified by SAA, GS, UL, and Telec, and we offer OEM/ODM services with design capability. Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priorities, making us a reliable partner for international brands. Due to customer demand, we have expanded our product line to include laptop bags and other mobile accessories in recent years.


Our manufacturing facility is well-equipped with a range of cutting-edge machines and equipment that enable us to efficiently produce high-quality power supplies in large quantities, ensuring that we meet the needs of our clients in a timely and reliable manner.

Our Quality

Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priorities, making us a reliable partner for international brands

Why Frogswell

Extensive experience

Extensive experience and expertise in the power solutions and mobile accessories industry.


High-quality products certified by leading organizations such as SAA, GS, UL, and Telec .

BSCI and Sedex

Factories compliant with BSCI and Sedex standards, ensuring ethical and responsible manufacturing practices .

Expert team

Expert team with experience in buying offices, sourcing agencies, and manufacturing .

Product expansion

Ability to expand product line to meet customer demand, including laptop bags and other mobile accessories. .


2International Sales office based in Hong Kong, allowing for efficient and effective global operations .

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